Jan 25

New ABB AFS Contactors Provide Machine Safety Advances

ABB completes its range of advanced safety components that improve protection, maximize uptime, and accelerate project delivery.

ABB's all-new range of AFS contactors for safety applications is now available to order. The launch of the new contactors completes the expansion of the...

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Dec 28

Sentry Leak Detection Systems

SENTRY is a leak detection system that uses point level technology. The system consists of a non-metallic NEMA 4X enclosure, a green POWER ON pilot light, a red illuminated pushbutton, contact outputs for alarms, and a panel mounted audible alarm. The green POWER ON pilot light...

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Dec 28


ON GUARD is a continuous level monitoring and leak detection system in a single control unit.  It is compatible with a number of different level and leak detection sensors, and provides power for the sensors.

CONTINUOUS LEVEL MONITORING for two or three wire 4-20 ma....

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Dec 17

Dynapar Announces Obsolescence of the NorthStar HS60 and Launch of NorthStar HT55 Upgraded Model

Dynapar has an announcement! In the coming months, Dynapar will replace the NorthStar SLIM Tach HS60 (part numbers beginning with H6 and D6) with its successor: the RIM Tach NexGen HT55 encoder. Sadly, the SLIM Tach HS60 has reached its end-of-life.


The RIM Tach NexGen HT55...

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Jul 31

Next-Generation Drives For Today's Demands

Today's commercial and industrial applications are just as demanding as ever. To keep up, the PowerXL DG1 family of variable frequency drives (VFD) has added three new frame sizes to its lineup. This series delivers the next generation of complete general-purpose VFD developed for...

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