ON GUARD is a continuous level monitoring and leak detection system in a single control unit.  It is compatible with a number of different level and leak detection sensors, and provides power for the sensors.

CONTINUOUS LEVEL MONITORING for two or three wire 4-20 ma. Sensors

  • Ultrasonic sensors for up to 40 feet            
  • Alphasonic sensors for up to 12 feet  
  • RF Capacitance sensors for up to 10 feet

LEAK DETECTION SENSORS for single point leak detection are available in Polypropylene, PVDF, or PFA Teflon

  • Ultrasonic Gap
  • Rf Capacitance
  • Optic
  • Buoyancy

ON GUARD is available with multiple options.

  • Local audible and visual indicators and acknowledge buttons
  • Dry output contacts for alarm functions
  • RS 422/485 output to computer systems

Software available for calibration, communication, and logging is available with sensors for a complete system, or separately for use with customer supplied sensors. Units are pre-calibrated, programmed, and full function tested.





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