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M8 male 0ð°ð°ð°ð°ð°ð°ð°ðÂ

  • Please note - standard factory leadtimes may have been effected globally by the complications of Covid-19. Please contact us to confirm.
  • 7000-08001-6100260

  • Description: M8 male 0ð°ð°ð°ð°ð°ð°ð°ðÂ
  • Extended Description: M8 male 0°, PVC 3x0.25 bk UL/CSA 2.6m
  • Alternate Codes: 7000080016100260
  • UNSPSC : 39121438-4658
  • Manufacturer: Murr Elektronik
  • Brand: Murr Elektronik
  • Packaging: EA
  • List Price: $13.85
  • Your Price: $11.08
  • Quantity:
  • This product is not in stock - please contact us to confirm lead-time or place an order

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